Libre: Flash Glucose Monitoring

The Libre is a way to check your blood sugars.

You wear a small sensor on your arm.

It is like CGM.

You scan the sensor with a reader or phone.

It tells you your blood sugars.

You must scan every  8  hours.

The good things about a Libre are

  • You have blood sugars from the whole day.
  • You can have alarms.
    They tell you when your sugars are high or low.
  • You can do less finger pricks.
  • You can share your results with other people.

The bad things about Libre are

  • You must wear a sensor.
    It can feel itchy or annoying
  • It gives you a lot of information.
  • You must scan every 8  hours
  • You lose information when you forget to scan. Like at night.

You may use Libre because

  • you cannot feel low blood sugars. The Libre gives you an alarm.
  • you do not like doing finger pricks.
  • Libre gives you a lot of information.

This is general information. Talk to your doctor for information made for you.