What is Intellectual Disability?

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Intellectual Disability can effect individuals in different ways. Watch the video below to learn more about it from individuals with intellectual disability (subtitles available).

Intellectual disability is a life-long disability that can affect a person’s thinking and reasoning skills. It affects all people differently, and it is important acknowledge the different strengths and needs of each individual.

Unfortunately, people with intellectual disability often experience barriers in their access to healthcare. This is why we have developed this site to provide information for people with intellectual disability, their carers, and health professionals. We aim to help educate individuals in how to achieve better health outcomes for people with disability.

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If you want to learn more about the barriers to access that people with intellectual disability face in healthcare, or just want to know more generally about healthcare for those with intellectual disablity you can access our free online course below. The course and registration are entirely free, and are open to anyone interested in improving healthcare for those with intellectual disability.

AbleX – Intellectual Disability Healthcare – Free online course

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