CGM: Continuous Glucose Monitoring

A CGM is a small sensor.

You can wear it on most places on your body.

It goes on your skin.

CGM measures your blood sugar all the time.

You can check your blood sugars on


  • your phone



  • your CGM machine

The good things about CGM are

  • You have blood sugars from the whole day.
  • You can do less finger pricks.
  • You can have alarms.
    They tell you when your sugars are high or low.
  • You can share your results with other people.

The bad things about CGM are

  • You must wear a sensor.
    It can feel itchy or annoying
  • It gives you a lot of information.
  • You still have to do some finger prick checks.

You may use CGM because

  • you cannot feel low blood sugars.
  • the CGM gives you an alarm.
  • you do not like doing finger pricks.
  • CGM gives you a lot of information.

This is general information. Talk to your doctor for information made for you.