Health Resources

Below you can find links to a variety of resources that may be helpful for individuals, carers and health workers.

There are links to other people’s resources in addition to resources developed by us.



For Individuals

Resources to Help with Diabetes

Easy Read Diabetes Information. This is all the information on this website. You can have it all in 1 go, or in parts.

All Easy Read Diabetes

About Diabetes and Insulin

Blood Sugar

Sick Days

Food and Exercise

Visiting Health Workers

Health Problems


Videos from the NDSS:

Living with Diabetes


Diabetes and Intellectual Disability – YouTube


Free learning programs from the NDSS:

There are 11 programs. You can learn how to count carbs from these programs.

You can learn how to:

– Identify foods with carbs

– Count carbs in 15g exchanges

– Count carbs in 10g exchanges

– Count carbs in grams

– Read and use food labels


NDSS – Carb counting online modules

For Carers

General Resources

A free learning course:

AbleX – Intellectual Disability Healthcare

Resources for Diabetes

Example Sick Day Plans from the Australian Diabetes Educator’s Association

There are different plans for different types and management of diabetes.

For Professionals

General Resources

Tailorable Easy Read Health Letters from the Council for Intellectual Disability

Resources for Diabetes

A guide for effective communication with patients with intellectual disability and diabetes. Effective communication with people who have an intellectual disability about their diabetes: a guide for health professionals (