What are blood sugars?

What are your blood sugars?

Sugars start with food.

Food gives you energy.

So you can do things you like.

The energy in food is in sugar and carbs.


There is sugar in food.

You eat the food. The sugar is now in your tummy.

Your body moves the sugar in your tummy into your blood.

These are your blood sugars.

Your blood moves the sugar all around your body.


The energy in the sugar is locked.

Insulin is the key.

Insulin unlocks the energy in your blood sugars.

Insulin does not work properly for some people.

Some people with diabetes need to take insulin.

The insulin unlocks the sugar in the blood.

Blood sugars that are not unlocked by insulin stay in your blood.

This can cause high blood sugar.

Sometimes the insulin unlocks too much sugar.

This can cause low blood sugars.

Keep your blood sugars in range.

This can help you stay healthy.