How to get to clinic: Follow the video

We made a video.


It is called Coming to the MIDAS clinic.

It is hard for new patients to find our clinic.


They get lost.


The video will help patients find the clinic.

We send the video to patients  1  week before they come to MIDAS.

We put the video on Youtube.

What is in the video?

We show how to go to the clinic from


  • the bus stop
  • the car park. We show where to enter the car park from the street.
  • the train station

We show how accessible it is to get to MIDAS. Like


  • are there any stairs
  • are the signs easy to read

We show what people need to do after entering the building.


At MIDAS patients have to go to the reception first.

We tell patients what they need to bring. Like


  • their Medicare card
  • health passport
  • reports from their health workers

We show people who work at MIDAS.


We say their names and their job.  Like


  • receptionist
  • doctors
  • nurses
  • psychologist
  • psychiatrist

What you need to make a video

A note pad.


A camera. It is not heavy.


You can walk with the camera. Like


  • a GoPro
  • the camera on your phone

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.


You may have to walk a lot.

How we made the video

1. We filmed the video.

2. We wrote down what to say in the video.


This is called a script.

3. We read the script and recorded us reading.


We only record the voice. There is no video.


This is called a voice over.