Did going to the doctor fix your problem?

You went to see the doctor.

You talked about your diabetes.

You may have had a problem. Like


  • your blood sugars changed. You did not know why.
  • Your blood sugars change more often than normal
  • You were sick
  • You were confused

They might have told you:


  • that everything is going well. There is no need to change
  • That you need to change something about how you look after your diabetes.

If something needs to change, that is OK.

That is normal.

Think about what the doctor said.

If they said you need a change, think about how it can fit into your life.

Make a plan to add it to your day.

A support person can help.

You may not understand what the doctor said.

That’s OK.

You can talk to a support person. They can help you understand.

If you still don’t understand, talk to the doctor again.

Ask them to explain it again.

You can take a support person with you.

Some health problems do not go away.


They take time to go away.

That is normal.

Your doctor will help you take care of your problem.

You can ask your doctor if or when a problem will go away.