Your steps to start exercise

Exercise can make your blood sugar change.

  1.  Check your blood sugars. Do this every  30  minutes.

Your blood sugars are low.

Do not exercise.

Check your blood sugars.


Your blood sugar reading is ok.


That is good.

2.  Do you have your insulin?

3.  Do you have your carbs?

4.  Take your low blood sugar kit.

It has food with sugar.


  1.   Tell people you have diabetes. Like you wear
  • a bracelet
  • a necklace.

It says you have diabetes.



You feel low.

Stop now.

Check your blood sugars.

It says your sugars are low.


Eat food with lots of sugar in it. Like lollies.

You want to do more exercise.


You need to wait.

Plan a break.

Take breaks to

  • check your blood sugars
  • eat some carbs.

You finish your exercise

Check your blood sugars.

Your plan from your doctor may tell you to do more.


  • check your blood sugars again.It may be in  2  hours time.
  • take your insulin.
  • eat more carbs.

This is general information. Talk to your doctor for information made for you.