How to use a blood sugar meter

Every meter is different.

It takes 4 steps to use a meter.

1. Wash your hands.

Put the strip in the blood sugar meter.

Make sure the meter is ON.

Prick your finger with a finger pricker.

It is also called a lancet.

A bit of blood will come out.

It may hurt a bit.

  1.  You put the blood on a testing strip.
  • You can squeeze your finger to get more blood.
  • The meter will beep or change picture when there is enough blood.


The meter will show you a number.

It is your blood sugar.

Remember to

  • Prick a different finger each time
  • Prick on the side of your finger
  • Warm up your fingers.
  • Rub them or run them under warm water.
  • It is harder to get blood when your fingers are cold.

This is general information. Talk to your doctor for information made for you.